Our firm renders services in the following fields:












Incorporation, transformation, merger, split-up, dissolution and liquidation of all types of business companies.

Drafting and amendment of by-laws, special by-law clauses, agreements among stockholders and voting conventions.


Assistance to presidents, managers and members of the board of directors.


Representation in the board of partners and in the assemblies of stockholders.


Minutes, corporate agreements and other corporate documents.

Acquisition and partial contribution of assets.


Mandatory liquidations and corporation restructuring agreements.


Conflicts between stockholders, liability actions against administrators and contestation of corporate decisions.






Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts, particularly, letters of intention, cooperation and confidentiality agreements, domestic and international purchases and sales, distribution, supply, franchise, commercial agency, factoring, brokerage, commission, mandate, delegated administration, trust, rental, consignment, mutuum, warehousing, transaction, know-how, technology transference, trademark and patent licenses, rendering of professional and industrial services, joint ventures, consortiums, temporary unions, participatory accounts, strategic alliances and other forms of business associations; operations on commercial establishments.


Obtainment of guarantees, bonds and sponsoring, chattel mortgage, pledge with or without possession, bail bond, assignment of economic rights, trust, and any other agreement for guaranteeing the performance of obligations.


Assistance in the negotiation of contracts and in the solution of contract controversies.


Assistance in governmental contracting. Any agreement for constituting, regulating or extinguishing a legal patrimonial relationship.






Registrations, oppositions and defenses in trademark, commercial slogans, industrial designs and utility models.


Deposits of commercial emblems and commercial names.


Registration of rights on literary works, musical works, software and other copyright.


Health registration and phyto-sanitary procedures.






Liability for non compliance with contracts.


Liability for damages.


Unfair competition actions.


Copyright and industrial property infringement.


Liability of administrators of commercial companies.


Pre-judicial and judicial collection of drafts, promissory bonds, checks, commercial invoices, transportation documents, collateralized bonds, certificates of deposit, penalty clauses.







Submission of formal claims and lawsuits against insurance companies for obtaining indemnification in fire insurances and attachments, machinery breakage insurances, damages to electronic equipment, theft, global commercial management, employees fidelity, automobile, life, performance bonds and other policies existing in the market; attention to losses, assistance in the contracting of different insurances; review of policies.


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